Survey by Smith is misleading

    A recent survey sent out by Congressperson Smith's office is a great example of how Smith sees his role and the role of his office. The survey is a propaganda tool. The survey does let you express your opinion regarding The Green New Deal, but unless you choose “NO.”

    You opinion is not worth anything. The choices are meant to mislead, not to inform. The choices read like they were written by a representative of the fossil fuel industry. The choices are simplistic, misleading and misrepresent the goals of The Green New Deal.
    The Republican “regressives” have worked hard to convince voters that all taxes are bad. But we can all think of examples of our taxes being spent on things that “provide for the greater good.” We also have a recent example where the cost to taxpayers was never an issue.
    In 2008, “our” elected representatives voted to obligate the federal government to bail out banks “too big to fail” for $16.8 trillion. This was a bail out for corporations that caused the problem. How much is our country willing to spend to rebuild the social and physical structures for the 99 percent?
    As is typical when Republican “regressives” speak about regulations they focus on the cost to profits without mentioning the benefits to society. Before you decide if the goals of the Green New Deal are good for America you need to consider the costs of doing nothing, or worse expanding climate destroying industries, compared to the benefits.
    Nowhere does The Green New Deal suggest “Washington” will dictate new home building standards, let alone making you rebuild your existing home. If laws are passed that implement the goals of The Green New Deal energy prices may go up, but it would also save many lives through reducing the disasters due to climate change, create good paying jobs, reduce the subsidies to fossil fuel companies, and reduce the disparity in wealth that is caused by lack of laws that allow predatory corporations to extract wealth from the environment and pass on the costs to the rest of us.
    I support The Green New Deal, because I oppose the RAW DEAL we are now getting from our corporate controlled government.
James Vokac
Willow Springs, Mo.

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