Be Yourself

Grasp firm the helm that steers your ship of life,
And sail to leeward on the seas of strife;
Skirt wide the brewing storm and hidden shoal,
For you alone are captain of your soul.

Be friendly with all men if you so yearn,
But choose your friends with caution and concern;
For if a cherished fool should go astray,
You too must stand to face a judgment day.

Be not a fool who argues without cause,
Make clear your statement calmly without pause;
Be patient with the one who orates long,
Deny him not his right to get it wrong.

Hitch not your fortunes to another’s star,
Strive at your pace and be whoe’er you are;
Trail blaze the forest yet to be explored,
And climb the mountain never climbed before.

Embrace the noble cause with fervor grand,
But spend not all your arms in just one stand;
Some battles may be won, some lost by far,
But he who triumphs last doth win the war.

Cletus Louis Drone  
St. James

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