Abortion is a plague on our nation

    A few weeks ago I wrote a challenge for a pro-choice person to write this paper to either deny the methods of abortion I listed or justify their use.

    Again, these methods are (and keep in mind that a baby (fetus) is fully formed with a beating heart and pain sensation by 2 1/2 months or earlier) either jerking the baby out piece by piece with forceps or cutting it up by sucking it out with a vacuum tube having knives inside (3-4 mos) or chemically burning her to death with a salt solution inserted into her home, the womb, (5 mos) or taking her Caesarean and putting her into the trash to die by lack of oxygen (6-7 mos) or allowing her to be born and killing her however (8-9 mos).
    Now, just why no pro-choice person has answered my challenge I'm not sure, but I say it again, please write this paper and tell us either that these methods are not used and what ones are...or why you believe they are okay.
    But if, in all good conscience you can't, I encourage you to consider that perhaps you are actually pro-life after all, and are just carried away by your friends and others.
    Abortion is what caused me to leave the Democratic Party in the ‘70s and become independent.
    I realize that if you do turn pro-life you risk losing friends, but do you believe that killing babies in these horrible ways is worth their friendship? Because if you go along with allowing abortion, it is as if you are doing the killing yourself.
    Also, if anyone has actually performed or had an abortion, I encourage you to confess that to God and accept Jesus Christ as you Savior and Lord to receive forgiveness. Jesus suffered and died for all sin—including abortion—and wants to give you His forgiveness and the grace to deal with the guilt.
    Abortion is a terrible plague on our nation—one million a year—and we need to get it stopped. There is a bill called the "Heartbeat Bill" (if the heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected) that has passed our Missouri House of Representatives and is being considered by the Senate. Sen. Brown from our area is for it, but I don't know about the others.
    I ask you to pray along with me that it will pass the Senate and the governor will sign it.
 Pastor Norman Heironimus

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