Women should control their own bodies

    Missouri has no business legislating what a woman can and cannot do with her own body. It seems in most states, men are making the decisions about the female body, without any input from the women themselves.

    This is draconian or simply put, cave-man style. Just grab the woman by the hair and pull her along. What about equality?
    Does Title 9 ring a bell? Ever heard of the ERA? That's the Equal Rights Amendment, which grants women equal rights and it is still not the law of the land.
    But the last time I checked, a woman can’t get pregnant by herself. Why do some businesses offer insurance coverage where men can buy Viagra, but women cannot buy birth control? That’s not equality.
    I will not judge any woman who chooses to have an abortion, especially in the most traumatic cases of rape and incest. We have to take a stand and overturn any law that governs a woman’s body because this is not the future I want for my grandchildren.
Beverly McInnis
St. James

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