Seek an abortion solution for everyone

    Our nation has once again stepped into a morass. It continues to amaze me that thinking and rational minds of people remain polarized. Neither willing to take a step from entrenched beliefs, to begin a search for a solution. Instead each side try to fault, find the other side, attempting to make more noise than the other.

    The only objective achieved is opposition. The hurting, are left in pain.
    Both sides would agree abortion is tragic. It leaves a lose-lose situtation locked in place. All life has value. However, we live in the advanced portion of the world. By saying life has value, means making a commitment against our evident culture morals. We all live in a culture that values the productive humans—the producers and consumers. Just take a peek into our judicial system, where a disproportionate number are: poor, of color, undereducated and disenfranchised.
    Legislation will not stop abortion. Drawing a line in the sand and talking, not pausing to listen, will only yield a continued stalemante. The tragedy will continue.
    Solutions are never easy, but careful consideration, could move all humans to higher ground. Listen to women with unwanted pregnancies. What can be done to assist them in avoiding a tragic outcome of her situation?
    All life has value, that of woman, man and child. Woman and man both carry responsibility in this tragic situation. Stop finger pointing; seek a solution for all of us.
Elizabeth Foster
St. James

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