Better laws for animals than unborn

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    Re: Elizabeth Foster’s comments on Abortion.
    Abortion is murder. Most people of color keep their babies, and the family helps to raise the children. (It takes a village.) Many poor people also keep and raise their children.

    You don’t have to have sexual intercourse; you don’t have to get pregnant. Sex is not the perfect answer for anything. Sex should be a form of love between you and your spouse, not something to do because you are bored or drunk or high or there is nothing good to watch on TV.
    We all have responsibilities for making choices and making the right choices. The ASPCA has better laws for animals than we do for the unborn.
    There is help for pregnant females. Many couples are waiting to adopt a child, and that is not an easy thing to do.
    Abortion does not give an unborn child any rights. Realize—when you have an abortion, you are killing a human being. Your child, your life!
Rosemary Baker