Still proud to call Keen mayor

    Concerning last week’s article about Steelville City Council members asking Mayor Keen to resign.

    How dare Mayor Keen not make himself available 24/7? Whoever heard of napping during the day or not immediately responding to a council member’s beck and call?
    Well, I have more scoop on the notorious activities of Mayor Keen. I have personal seen him serving coffee as early as 6 a.m. to residents of Steelville Homes. He will even do this with a smile.
    That’s not all. He is also bad about checking up on an elderly resident if, say, they miss meal time or some nursing home activity.
    I’m not finished. On more than one occasion I have seen Mayor Keen lead the residents of Steelville Homes in song.
    That’s right. On a perfectly sunny day Mayor Keen will have the residents file outside and lead them singing such old gospel favorites as “Amazing Grace” and “How Great Thou Art.”
    But the activity that really needs watching and the one activity that keeps Mayor Keen from his city duties is this: On about any given Friday evening Mayor Keen will be at the Nursing Home Town Square, sharing songs, stories, visiting residents, inquiring of the staff, handing out warm blankets, etc.
    You might say he is bad about making those old people forget about all those Friday nights when they were young, strong with their youthful looks and making the current Friday nights seem meaningful, giving the nursing home residents feelings of warmth, security and being needed.
    Yes, Mayor Keen does need watching. Inspite of any health-related shortcomings, he still makes me proud to call him mayor.
Walter Korte

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