Nuclear power is not the answer

    Why is it every two to three years someone comes out of the dark, hawking nuclear power? I am referring to Rob Boyer, the recent guest columnist in the August 1, 2019 edition of the Saint James Press.

    Mr. Boyer  is of the Greene County Farm Bureau and the Missouri Air Conservation Commission (strange, pro-radiation and air conservation). Mr. Boyer has, like past writers of pro-radiation supporters, only presented the pro side and none of the con side. Why? Something to hide? If one is presenting an idea or concept to the public, hoping to sway them, would it not be for all’s best interest to have all the information, or do they not care about the public’s opinion?
    Mr. Boyer failed to mention the problems at the nuclear facility in Calloway County. How they have reached near capacity in storage of the spent nuclear rods. Or no other  facility able to accept them and store them. How the contaminated water storage pools are near full and how at times they have spilled into the Missouri River. Hey! You downstream, no need to boil your water for coffee or tea; it is pre-heated. Is the rise in cancers downstream related to contaminated water spillage from these facilities?
    The government sets the limits of exposure, but that is a generalized amount. Some people are able to assimilate and handle it, but what of those who can’t. Oops! Sorry, my bad! Aah! It was just your grandchildren, mother, etc.
    Nuclear power is not the answer.
    The Calloway facility is about at its end of life. That is bad, only about 40 years of usage, and now the land where it sits is useless. Sounds like bad management, but good profit for the electric utility companies. Are we to give up good, fertile land to be uninhabitable for 1,000 years just for the sake of making some billionaires? Doesn’t sound like a fair exchange. I’d rather have good land to grow decent and healthy produce than more light bulbs or a place to plug in my car.
Thank you,
Thomas Bisso
St. James

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