Schell deserved more time in jail

    Stan Schell, a 71-year-old sex offender, has written letters to this paper saying that he is being held in Civil Commitment (where, upon a doctor's recommendation, people are put for their and others' safety) wrongly as a further punishment beyond his jail time, even though as a 71-year-old he is no longer a sexual threat.

    Mr. Schell may have a certain point, in that Civil Commitment is not to be used for further punishment. However, in Mr. Schell's case I believe that the legal system let his victims down by not giving him more jail time in the first place. As it turns out, he was married seven times to women with young children and sexually raped them—boys and girls—many times.
    And he appears to me to have no remorse. In a hearing recently that I attended, he said something that epitomizes this. Regarding whether or not the prosecutor could use a mother of one of his victims as a witness in a future trial, Mr. Schell opposed it because "she certainly has an ax to grind."
    An ax to grind, Mr. Schell? She probably would like to use an ax on your neck! And I wouldn't blame her for wanting to do so. How dare you fault her after what you did to her son. You should be begging for her forgiveness (and God wants to help her give it) as well as God's and all of your other victims.
    Rape is a super-serious crime—especially against children. And if it is clearly an unwanted forcible rape—which it certainly is with children—even the first offense should possibly bring life without parole, but certainly the second one.
    And for people like Mr. Schell who raped many children many times, perhaps they should be executed or have their genitals removed and be placed in prison with the other rapers. Of course, this will never happen...but it is what they deserve. Maybe if this became known, it might reduce some of such crimes.
    At the same time, I would tell Mr. Schell that, as despicable as his crime is, Jesus Christ suffered and died for his sin...and if he will truly repent of his sins to God and his victims and accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior he will receive forgiveness and go to Heaven when he dies (but, I would warn him that he can't con God as he did the prison officials by saying all the right words without meaning them, for God knows the heart).
    This may seem unfair to some, that Mr. Schell would be able to go to Heaven... but actually, it's unfair for any of us to expect to go there, for all sin—even the so-called "little" ones—deserve punishment in Hell in God's eyes, and it's only by His grace and mercy that any of us can make it.
Pastor Norman Heironimus

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