GOP representative, senators do nothing

    I have had it with Jason Smith, Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley. They have sold Missourians down the pike!

    What have they done to protect our elections from Russian interference in 2020? NOTHING!
    What have they done to create common sense gun control laws and ban assault weapons? NOTHING!
    What have they done to address the climate change the world is experiencing? NOTHING!
    What have they done to reunite the children with their parents at the southern border? NOTHING!
    What have they done to make health care affordable for all American citizens? NOTHING!
    What have they done to stop the RACIST hate mongering spewing from the White House? NOTHING!
    They are not representing the hard working, sensible and compassionate people of Missouri. All they are doing is lining their own pockets at our expense! If you feel the same—now is the time to start working to make sure they do not get re-elected.
Maxine and Ken Horgan
Mountain View, Mo.

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