Lie, lie, lie, and whine, whine, whine

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    Oh you Dems, bless your little pointed heads. You will soon learn that if you are going to argue with us Trump supporters you are going to have be “truth seekers and fact checkers.” You need to do your homework not be liberal media puppets and parrots.

There was so much wrong with the letter from the Mountain Home couple–it would take days to set them straight. Both parties are freaked out by Trump because he is getting the job done and in the process exposing their corruption. So, cinch up your saddles Dems because “we are going to elect more Trumps.” Both parties know Trumpers are the ultimate threat to their cushy jobs that have been bought by big corporations, lobbyists, Hollywood and George Soros. Not so Trump.
    I actually listen to Trump all the time and I have never heard anything remotely racist or hate mongering come out of his mouth. It’s you indoctrinated Dems (who aren’t Democrats but Socialist, Progressives) who own that behavior!
    Unlike the do nothing, never Trumpers we are not going away. We are done with socialism, communism, one world order, one world government, one world monetary system, one world religion. Great Britain is done with all that too. We are done. We aren’t going to back down or go away. So bring it! But now you know we are armed with the truth.
    Trump didn’t “create” us, he just “heard” us and headed for the White Hours. We are a movement, we pay the bills and live in the real world. It’s not wise to call us deplorables, or smelly Walmart people.
    I strongly suggest that you Dems read “Militant Normals” by Kurt Schliehters.
Emily Mosher