Stop the era of bias and hate

    As a loyal reader of the Cuba Free Press, it is time to address the rants and raves of the Missourians from Mountain Grove who write letters to the editor, Maxine and Ken Horgan. This couple is so negative and hateful to people they dislike and show bias in their letters.

The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the freedom of speech and press and this is necessary for a free society. However I can use my freedom as well to address these democratic socialists’ radical views they write about.
    We are living in a period of very low unemployment (especially for minorities), a high national pride in our military and a general sense of well-being. The Horgans live in a world of fear and hate, especially anything Trump, Republicans, or anyone who supports conservatives. We must stop this hate and work together for a better world for ourselves and our children, instead of dividing us by race, sex, religion and politics. The Horgans spew this hate in every letter they have written to this paper. Where is compromise? Where is understanding? This is a sad state of affairs.
    The Russians have been in the news for years trying to election. This is true. They have spent money trying to divide us, especially by race. They even have given funds to Black Lives Matter, to further fuel the fires of racial hate. Hogan’s letters support this and their negative feelings. Together we stand; divided we fall.
    Let’s stop this era of bias and hate. Horgans need to pray for guidance for love and understanding. Be positive. Enjoy life. Smile. Life is good if you look for good. So Maxine and Ken, make happy letters full of love and compassion. You will live longer and have a better life.
David Wheeler