Together we stand, divided we fall

    I am writing this in regard to all three of the articles under “Your Thoughts” page from the August 15 issue written by Emily Mosher from Cuba, Juanita Skyles from Cuba, and David Wheeler from Cuba. In my opinion, they are intelligent, patriotic, true Americans who know what they are talking about.

    “To set the record straight, I don’t know any of them personally, and I agree 100% on each of their thoughts.”
    Emily Mosher is right about the ‘Trumpers.” They are not going away, are done with socialism, communism, one world order, one world government, one world monetary system, and one world religion, as they are armed with the truth! They are not armed with “Fake News.”
    Juanita Skyles is correct in her thoughts about the Democrats doing nothing or not agreeing to anything on a funding bill that the Republican-led Senate proposed (sounds like our Gazebo Committee in Steelville), when they should be doing something constructive for the people. Her thoughts on gun control are right on the mark. Killers will find a means to kill, and not only with guns. Gun control will prevent law-abiding people from being able to protect themselves. Killers are not going to obey a ban and turn in their “assault weapons.” She’s on the mark about children. The Democrats should be more concerned for our own children here in the United States. She’s correct about the Affordable Health Care Act, called the Unafforadable Health Care Act. What the Democrats need to realize is Obama said it wouldn’t happen and it did. The unrest with the Democrats started with the “last resident” in the White House, and I believe it is unfair for the Democrats to place the blame on President Trump.
    David Wheeler said it best: “We must stop this hate and work together for a better world for ourselves and our children, instead of dividing us by race, sex, religion and politics. Together we stand, divided we fall. Be positive. Enjoy life. Smile. Life is good if you look for good. You will live longer and have a better life.”
    Hear that Gazebo Committee?
Dian DePew