Outside residents shouldn’t be taxed

    Recently, the city of St. James proposed an amendment to be on the ballot for its residents to vote on an internet purchase sales tax. The city will use the zip code 65559 as a means of collecting this tax. That zip code covers St. James and parts of the surrounding Phelps County. This means people living outside of the St. James jurisdiction will be taxed. This is illegal, and the courts have said so in the past.

    Some utilities and communication companies have gone through this situation with a city tax and falsely/mistakenly taxed outside residents. When it has been shown to be, those residents were removed from that tax burden.
     The city of St. James must rectify this problem placed upon outside residents, whether by a direct refund of the tax remitted or by notifying the appropriate business no city tax applicable or having a listing of outside residents in their collection program to void such collection.
Thomas Bisso
St. James