MoFB must help fight climate change

    In a recent commentary by Eric Bohl, of the Missouri From Bureau, he describes the  work of the Flood Recovery Advisory Working Group. Their report is to include how to improve Missouri's flood recovery priorities and levee system with recommendations for where state funding could most effectively be allocated for recovery and preparation for the future.

    What is missing is any mention of prevention. Anyone who has been paying attention to the weather knows that our weather is becoming more extreme and those who pay attention to climate research know it is related to climate change.
    The Farm Bureau should be looking for ways to help our farm families fight climate change and not simply help repair the damage due to unprecedented weather events. I would expect the Farm Bureau to let facts and "cost-benefit" analysis guide their actions and not political expediency.
    We need to take responsibility for the effects of our past actions that have contributed to climate change and owe future generations our best efforts to  reduce those effects.
James Vokac
Willow Springs, Mo.