Alum enjoyed Recklein article

    I read with interest the article about Mr. and Mrs. Recklein in the September 19 issue of the Cuba Free Press.
    The beautiful brick building on the corner of Smith and School Street is the library in memory of Mrs. Recklein. The building was built on lots that the high school students in warm weather played sports on.

    In summer, traveling preachers with an enormous tent for revivals would set up on the lot. One year, a preacher preached that if anyone entered the Holy Cross Church across the street terrible things would happen to them. After two nights of this, on the third day a very strong wind came up and blew the tent down. Father Boland came running out of the church rectory and started helping put the tent up, along with others.
    Father Boland, while doing this, was talking to him. The next day. the preacher told his followers “that he was wrong about the church across the street and if they wanted to go there, it would be fine.”
    There was a man on the east side of the lot early in the morning that would walk his milk cow over to a grove of trees at the corner of Cox Drive and School Street. There were only two houses there then.
    The library, at that time, was located in the rock building on the corner of Smith and Spencer, across from the present city hall. Half the building was the city hall and half was the library. Years later, a city jail was built behind the rock city hall building.
    When the school students were moved across town, the library moved to the building where the Historical Museum is now, while the present library was being built.
    I attended high school in the rock building and one of the buildings that was torn down, as well as seven of my siblings.
Carol Breslich
Class of 1957
    P.S. Father Joseph Boland oversaw the rock Holy Cross School being built. He then put in a skating rink on Sunday afternoon and Wednesday evening opened to the public, located in the Holy Cross gym, as it had concrete floors.

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