Festival was great

    First, I would like to thank the Cuba Free Press for the free tickets I won in your drawing for the Rensaissance Festival.
    We saw and talked with people with the period costumes of the times of King Richard and the Knights of the Round Table.

    Clayton and I watched the jousting match between the two knights. This lasted approximately 45 minutes, from the start when they collected rings with jousting poles to see who would start the jousting. The queen gave a ring of flowers for the lady knight to give to a child in the crowd; the knight gave it to a three-year-old girl, and she wore it all day.
    We saw knights and ladies, a glass blower, a stage where there were knights practicing, also saw where they kept the horses for the different jousting, pony rides, falconer keeper and story telling. There were bow and arrow targets you could try, wooden swords for sale, lots of period costumes, jewelry of all sorts, fairies walking around, and you could buy ears and dress like a fairy.
    Also, there was a belly dancing booth, light saber duels, and we saw the royal pavilion with the King and Queen with their period customs. The Game of Thrones was a popular booth.
    The best was a knight in full armor, ready to do battle.
    Weather was in the low 70s and was a great day for walking up and down the hills of the festival. To some, this is their job, they travel and do the Renaissance Festivals around the whole United States.
Ruth Woodson and Clayton Miller

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