Trump being attacked relentlessly by the left

    What do you think of our president?
    Does he commit sins? Sure, he does. So do we. Is he egotistical? Yes. Is he uncouth? Yes. Could he use lessons on how to communicate? Yes. Is he eccentric? Yes. Does he make missteps? Yes, how about you and me? All of these things do not disqualify him from being president of the United States.

    He brings great expertise to the office and he uses this expertise in conducting the business of the government of our great country. He thinks outside the box, he is constantly brainstorming new and different ways to benefit America. The recorded successes of this President are innumerable and ongoing.
    Just a couple examples: He sees the degree of danger in the country being infiltrated by a flood of illegal immigrants. He's building "the wall" and initiating other steps to protect our homeland. Who just dealt a severe blow to the world's terrorists in taking out al-Baghdadi? Trump and our great military!
    Also, we have a president who will stand up to China and other countries who have gravely taken advantage of us for years and years. The difference between imports and exports with China is astronomical. Will we as Americans feel the sting of improving the trade deficit? A resounding yes. We cannot, and must not, always expect to have the easy way of living. It is up to each individual American to stand firm and pay a price as we fight being taken advantage of for years and years.
    He has been attacked relentlessly by the liberal left and Democrats, and not supported by many Republicans. Mainstream media has pursued him relentlessly in an attempt to stifle his accomplishments, tear him down and sway public opinion 24/7. He has been in a war, yes, a war, for survival to be able to continue his efforts to Make America Great Again. How profound a statement. He is now facing a possible impeachment as the war rages on.
    How do we let our voices be heard? How can we make a difference? How can we fight Pelosi and the Liberal Left? More to come. Hopefully the newspaper will print my answers to these questions in upcoming issues.
Kay Worley