Holiday stocking adoption program is underway

    The annual adopt a senior and teen program has begun and stockings are ready for adoption. The St. James Caring Center has readied this year’s stockings and residents can fill a stocking and return it to the St. James Caring Center for distribution this Christmas.

    Midge Davis, a volunteer at the Caring Center, has made 200 stockings this year for adoption. “It seems like I’ve been doing this all year,” she joked.
    Davis said she has been hand making stockings at least the past 15 years, aiding in the distribution program that provides stockings filled with goodies to seniors and teens in the community.  “Ramona (Rinehart, former Executive Director of the Caring Center) wanted to pick up the ages 14 through 17 and I agreed to make the stockings. I’ve been doing it ever since,” Davis said. The Adopt a Teen program has been a successful way to ensure Christmas gifts for that age groups ever since and Davis said it has been a great way to serve the community.
    Stockings became available for adoption on November 1 and the program serves teens ages 14 through 17 years of age with supplies for Christmas. Stockings can be picked up at the Caring Center and filled with items like nail polish, perfume, St. James Tigers apparel, gift certificates, scarves, hair brushes, or socks for girls, and watches, wallets, sports items, fishing tackle, baseball cards, gloves.
    Distribution will be completed in time for the holidays and is a great way for residents to help others in the community. Last year, over 450 teens were served through the program.
    Adopt a Senor fills a similar role in serving homebound seniors who spend the holidays alone. The Caring Center hopes to provide gifts for seniors in the community who would benefit from age appropriate gifts. Gift ideas for seniors include newspaper gift subscriptions, St. James Municipal Utility gift certificates to help with utility bills, gift cards to Country Mart, Dollar General, or other local business, gas cards, socks, gloves, watches, stocking caps, hygiene items, snacks or candy, or Christmas related gifts.
    To adopt a teen or senior, visit the Caring Center at 113 West Eldon. For more information, contact Nancy Montgomery at 572-265-2047, or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..