Football players were great sports

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Received by CHS Head Football Coach Tim Duarte
    My name is Shawn Brown, and I’m the Athletics Director at Principia and also one of the football coaches. I wanted to take a quick minute this morning to commend your coaching staff, and even more importantly, the young men of the Cuba Football team.

     Throughout a tough and physical football game this past Saturday, I witnessed wonderful sportsmanship. I saw players from both teams giving each other “high fives” after the plays. I saw many times when a hand was offered to help each other off the ground. Even more impressive was what happened after the game.
    As I was consoling a disappointed senior, we both looked up to see 3 Cuba Football players on their way over to lift up the Principia player. These young men came over and embraced a Principia student who was hurting. They figuratively and literally picked him up. This is what sports is all about!
    Competing, fighting for your school, but at the end of the day, finding a way to lift each other. Your players, (Chase Ray, Wyatt Whittaker and Hunter Happel) did something simple in theory (respecting an opponent, caring for an opponent) that, in reality, is truly profound. These young men went above and beyond. They should be very proud. Our world needs more of what Cuba represented on Saturday.
    At Principia, in my role, I am preaching the importance of sportsmanship to our student body and community, constantly. I have already been sharing this example of sportsmanship with many folks, and I look forward to sharing if for the rest of my life.
    I wish you all nothing but the best.
Shawn Brown
Principia Athletics Director