Let your voices be heard

    How do we let our voices be heard?
    1. Pray, plain and simple, but rarely done.
    2. Stay informed on the issues and know who your government officials are:

    a. Senator Roy Blunt, call St. Louis office at 314-725-4484; go to their website and there is a link to send email. Go to blunt.senate.gov; and subscribe to his newsletter.
    b. Senator Josh Hawley, call St. Louis office 314-354-7060, email through hawley.senate.gov; and subscribe to newsletter.
    c. Representative Jason Smith, call Rolla Office 573-364-2455, email through jasonsmith.house.gov.
    d. Email a Letter to the Editor to letters@threeriverspublishing .com and express your opinion. If published, there's a chance your elected official will see it if you state their name. They Goggle their names to see what their constituents are saying about them.
    e. If your representative is holding a Town Hall, go to it and voice your opinions about issues, tell him/her you object, or approve, of their actions in carrying out their duties. Better yet, gather friends, family, even acquaintances, to go as a group to these meetings. Stand up together as a group and tell them where you’re from. There is power in numbers.
    Stay informed and take action in these ways. However you contact your elected officials, be precise, be courteous, and keep it short. Long winded contact does little, to no good.
    Search out tons of information:
    Got a question about the Federal government (who hasn't), go online to USA.gov or call 844-872-4681.
    Go to GovTrack.us (not a government website) to learn about, and track activities of Congress. Got a specific question? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I've gotten quick answers from them. If your question is not answered precise enough the first time, email them again. They can get information not readily available through media.
    Go to votesmart.org and follow your elected officials voting records.
    Go to senate.gov, house.gov, and whitehouse.gov, salaries.wa.gov.
    Space does not allow here but search out pertaining information on state and local government and take the same action.
    Before elections, get to know the candidates and what they stand for. Talk about it in public, spread the word, get people enthused, and go vote!
    Let your voices be heard.
Kay Worley

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