Trump’s successes all come from Trump

    It’s amazing how many sleep walkers we have eating the problem and drinking the Kool-Aid that CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, etc. are cooking up on a daily basis.

    If Ellen Bowles of Cherryville is so knowledgeable about what President Trump hasn’t done, then she has overlooked a lot of facts. Of course CNN, MSNBC, etc. don’t report facts, so I guess we can forgive their followers who are ignorant of what’s really been going on since Donald Trump announced he was running for president.
    Have you ever heard of the term “Never Trumpers?” The first two years, the House of Representatives was led by Paul Ryan (Mitt Romney’s pick for vice president) a “Never Trumper.” The only legislation  he brought to the floor for a vote was the tax-cut bill. It’s hard for a president to get anything done that needs funding when the House will not approve the funding.
    So the fact that Republicans controlled Congress explains why a lot of President Trump’s legislation didn’t get passed. The speaker is in control and he has yet to have a speaker who will work with him.
    There are also “Never Trumpers” in the senate. Does anyone remember Mitt Romney? He is John McCain reincarnated. For the last two years, the house led by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have spent their time trying to impeach our elected president.
    With the little support he has had from his own party, he got the largest tax cut in history passed, has seated more judges than anyone except George Washington, has the lowest unemployment ever for African Americans, women and Hispanics.
    We are now energy independent, the American Embassy in Israel is now in Jerusalem, now countries like China are paying us tariffs to bring their junk into the United States. In past administrations they paid no tariffs, but American exporters to China had to pay tariffs to get their products into China.
    Fair trade should go both ways. I don’t know how anyone can blame President Trump for not getting an immigration bill passed. Again, it needs funding. Democrats aren’t going to approve funding for that or a wall because illegal immigrants are now voters for them.
    However, our president did find a way to fund the wall that is being built now. He has gotten us out of bad deals like the Iran deal Obama made when he sent pallets of cash to Iran. Oh! You didn’t know about that? I guess your news source forgot to tell you about that.
    He has met with leaders that no other president would meet with. He has turned bad deals NAFTA (a Clinton deal) into good deals, USMCA, which is still sitting on Nancy Pelosi’s desk while she pursues a witch hunt to impeach him.
    I guess it’s understandable why so many of the Washington establishment, deep staters and swamp dwellers hate our president. He went to Washington not to continue the status quo but to clean it up, clean it out and give the power back to the people, where the founders intended it to be.
    The founders warned about the corruption that would take over if vigilance wasn’t present. The American voters is partially responsible for continuously reelecting the same corrupt politicians to office. The founders never intended for a seat in Congress to be a lifelong career. Whey do you think they will never pass a “term limits” bill?
    Can you name another president who served without pay, at least in recent history? I can’t. He didn’t need this job and who else would put up with what he’s had to contend with since day one. He does it because he loves this country and wants to right some wrongs that have been going on in our government for many decades.
    It’s sad when a party sees no other way to defeat a president, chosen by the people, except to try to impeach him fraudulently by collusion with foreign countries we support.
    President Trump is the closest we will ever get to a “citizen” president who truly wants what is best for this country.
    Haven’t you noticed that the Democrat party isn’t “your granddaddy’s party or even your daddy’s Democrat party?” They are now proud socialists, kissing cousins to communists.
    I guess Benjamin Franklin was right when he said, “We gave you a Republic, if you can keep it!” Are we going to save it? The 2020 election will decide if we can keep it or not, for now!
Juanita Skyles