The guilty will be exposed in the end

    It is so revealing when the swamp critters in Washington, the so called news media, the deep staters, the one worlders and the never Trumpers are running out of oxygen as the water starts to drain from the swamp. They get more desperate and start grabbing for straws, hoping no one will notice their corruption and agenda.

    When I read the letter written by Jim Vokac of Willow Springs in last week’s paper I chuckled. Thinking, this is a perfect example of the followers of the Adam Schiff led witch hunt. There were so many inaccuracies that anyone who is getting legitimate news knows better. For instance and I quote, “Trump called Ambassador Sondland ‘The truth is,’ Ambassador Sondland testified that he called President Trump and asked him what he wanted.” The president’s answer was that “I want nothing, just for Prsident Zelensky to do what he ran on to get elected.” Which was to stop the corruption in Ukraine. The Republicans weren’t allowed to call their witnesses or ask certain questions of those witnesses testifying as Adam Schiff told witnesses not to answer those questions. The president wasn’t allowed to have representation. That is why Republicans said the process was unfair.
    In the two previous impeachment inquiries of Nixon and Clinton, this was not the case. Also they were conducted by the Judiciary Committee, because the process is the impeachment of a president who committed a crime. This kangaroo court was because they don’t like the president. They wanted Hillary Clinton to be president even if the voters didn’t make that choice.
    Why didn’t the individual who started all this testify? The so-called whistleblower. The answer is because the president released the transcript of the call in question. They didn’t expect that. Also since the whistleblower wasn’t on the call, he had no first-hand knowledge. Ask yourself if the president had anything to hide or if he broke the law on the that call, would he release the transcript? The two presidents were discussing the corruption that took place during the 2016 election meddling, not the future 2020 election. The president is the person charged with looking out for our country and to make sure we aren’t contributing to corruption in any other country. The United States and Ukraine have an agreement to fight corruption which was signed by Bill Clinton when he was president.
    Doesn’t the Constitution give everyone the right to face their accusers and be innocent until proven guilty? The Democrats decided the president was guilty then didn’t allow him the opportunity to have representation to address the allegations.
    The two letters written by Mr. Vokac were filled with so many incorrect statements it would take a book to address all of them completely. But then that’s what liberals do. They throw out allegation and allegation and hope that no one notices that they have nothing to back up what they allege.
    Ask yourself these questions.
    Why did the articles of impeachment start out as quid pro quo then bribery and end up being obstruction of Congress and abuse of power? Because they couldn’t prove the former. Why will Nancy Pelosi not turn over the findings to the Senate? If she doesn’t, is the president impeached? Why is she and Chuck Schumer now insisting the Senate do the job the House was supposed to do? The House could have pursued the subpoenas in court for the witnesses they requested but no they didn’t do that because they wouldn’t have any grounds to charge the president with obstruction. Impeachment is supposed to be for treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. Neither of the House articles qualify.
    Why did three Democrats not vote with their colleagues? Why is one Democrat switching to the Republican party? What this all boils down to is what Rep. Al Green said, “We have to impeach him, or he will get elected again.” The Democrats know they’re losing this battle with the voters, but they don’t care that they’re going against the will of the people. They want to choose the president. That’s why they started a few minutes after President Trump was sworn in, that they would impeach him. When they heard his short speech stating he intended to drain the swamp in Washington and give the power back to the people and put the country back on a path of honor, strength and respect by putting it first over foreign nations, they knew they were in trouble. They had to do whatever it took to destroy him.
    However, I’m an optimist when it comes to our country. I believe it was not by accident that this nation was founded by God fearing people. I believe it was by divine design and I also believe the election of President Trump was not an accident. When a country blessed by God becomes so corrupt, it has to either be destroyed or saved. I believe the past decides the future and that those guilty will be exposed and made to pay for their crimes. I suppose those of us on opposing sides will have to wait for the outcome. I am optimistic of the outcome.
Juanita Skyles

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