Confused yet?

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    When the average American hears or sees the news, he might become frustrated not unlike President Harry Truman who said, “There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics,” or as Alan Dershowitz whose newest book, “Guilty By Accusation” demonstrates, most people are perplexed by contemporary journalism.

    For example, everyone knows that Hitler and Himmler produced the odious event called the holocaust. However, their evil actions pale in comparison to the present holocaust. It is estimated the Germans executed six million Jews and other “criminals.” In our country we have executed more than 60 million unborn children under the euphemism of planned parenthood, which should be called planned execution. The media have never seemed to bother about the latter holocaust.
    Yet again, there are politicians who parade their Catholicism to the media while at the same time approving abortion rights. Nevertheless, a leading Catholic bishop on the east coast stated unequivocally, “You cannot be a Catholic and be pro-choice.” Someone has to be wrong! Yet no challenge has come from the press.
    So too, producing slanders and false accusations seems to be the fashion in the political arena. Without evidence, the name calling has become pervasive. For example, President Trump is called a liar, racist and an anti-Semite along with the never ending collusion fiasco. To further illustrate this problem, the leaders of the Democratic party (Schumer, Pelosi and Nadler) stated that there was a crisis on the border after President Obama announced that idea. However, when President Trump made the same statement, the leading Democrats said that there was no crisis at the border. Is this a case of duplicity? There was no reaction from the liberal media.
    As confusing as these examples are, it is obvious that the liberal media is attempting to dethrone President Trump. The resentment expressed during the Kavanaugh hearings was really aimed at the president. Likewise, the so called “impeachment trial” was nothing more than feeding the propaganda machines of CBS, NBC and CNN. In other words these outlets are trying to “fix” the next election or undo the past election.
    Perhaps these producers of lies, damn lies or fake statistics will eventually realize that they are not fooling anyone. However, as I have written before, you cannot fix stupid.
Don Sellers