Must choose Jesus

    Previously I wrote that the so-called "Prosperity Gospel" (that is, that God wants all of His people to be rich and successful, etc.) is a plaque on Christianity.

    Now I want to talk about another serious error I have written about before but believe needs to be emphasized, namely, that today's Israel is still the Biblical God's nation and is okay with Him and its people will go to Heaven when they die.
    According to Jesus Christ in the New Testament, this is simply not true (Luke 13:34-35 & John 14:6).
    I don't mean to harp on this, but a large segment of Christianity believes it (including Mike Huckabee on his TV show) and they’re doing the religious Jews a great disservice by telling them so. And when the Jews get to Hell, they will hate the Christians for not telling them the truth (but why would the Jews want to go to the Christian Heaven anyway, for if they don't want Jesus here, why would they want Him there for eternity).
    So please, Christians and Jews, face reality. If the Christian founder and leader, Jesus Christ, said He is the only way to Heaven, then Christians should say so. And Jews, if you want to follow the Old Testament only and believe that Jesus was a blasphemer as your ancestors did, then you should say so and have nothing to do with us Christians (on the other hand, you can still turn to Jesus—as many of your fellow Jews have done—and become one of His people).
    This is Biblical reality. And the whole today that we are all okay with God and should be buddy-buddy is illogical and hypocritical, and I don't believe is pleasing to God.
Pastor Norman Heironimus

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