Partisanship hypocrites

    President Trump and many of his supporters attack those who do not support Trump's policies, decisions or actions by calling them partisans. They imply that anyone who is partisan cannot be believed.

    There are certainly many instances to support the idea that partisanship distorts views and statements of political figures. Certainly, President Trump believes that, as shown by his selection of highly partisan appointees to various positions.
    It is myopic for Trump supporters to use the accusation of partisanship against their opponents without noticing how partisanship affects their views and other Trump supporters. If your only source of information is Fox News, it is not surprising that your grasp of reality is faulty.
    Fox News is registered as an entertainment outlet, not a news outlet. Roger Ailes said, “In fact, we’re competing with TNT and USA and ESPN.” That is one thing Fox News has correct.
    Fox News is a very partisan media outlet. According to Mediabiasfact check, “Overall, we rate Fox News strongly Right-Biased due to editorial positions and story selection that favors the right. We also rate them Mixed factually and borderline Questionable based on poor sourcing and the spreading of conspiracy theories that later must be retracted after being widely shared.”
    Murdoch and Ailes formed Fox News as an arm of the Republican Party's disinformation campaign from the beginning. Part of their business model is to make listeners angry, feel offended by “leftists,” and feel abused by the government. Apparently, it works.
    For a brief but comprehensive description of foreign policy powers covered by the U.S. Constitution see:
    Instead of believing what corporate capitalists say socialism is here are two resources that give a more accurate view: https://www.thebalance .com/socialism-types-pros-cons-examples-3305592 and “Socialism....seriously” by Danny Katch.
James Vokac
Willow Springs, Mo.