Don’t choose abortion

    Years ago a college professor gave his students a problem to solve. He told them about a pregnant woman who already had several children and some problems in her life. Then he asked the students for their opinion as to whether the woman should give birth to her pre-born child or have an abortion.

    The majority of the students chose abortion for the pregnant woman. The professor replied with, “you have just aborted Einstein.” Albert Einstein was one of the most intelligent people who ever lived on earth.
    Today if a woman finds herself pregnant during a time in her life when taking care of a child would be different, she does not have to choose abortion. She can choose life for her child.
    There are Safe Haven laws to help her. A woman can, within a set time after birth, leave the child with the state with no questions asked. The baby may be left at either an EMS, a fire station or a hospital emergency room. She will not be charged with abandonment. The baby will be taken care of. Every state in the United States has such laws.
    Each and every baby is a unique individual with his or her own abilities—abilities  that our world needs. Let us choose life for our pre-born babies. Let us allow them to use their abilities to help make our world a better place. Who knows, the child we allow to live may be another Einstein.
J.M. Stock
High Hill, Mo.