Just watch ‘leaders’ for a laugh

    The past few weeks have been extremely painful for my wife and me. First, Prince Harry and his wife announced they were splitting from the Royal family and would be moving out of the Royal Palace. Since they and the rest of the Royal family were so close to my wife and me, this was a real blow to both of us.

    Before this happened, my wife and I were both concerned about all of the violence in America and the tension between America, Iran, North Korea and several other countries, but all of these concerns pales in comparison to Harry and his wife joining the real world.
    On the heels of this catastrophe, Senator Elizabeth Warren had the audacity to call Senator Bernie Sanders a liar. The mere thought that a politician would lie about anything is ludicrous and I certainly hope she does not make the same mistake again.
    Everyone knows that a politician will tell anything a dozen different ways before they will lie about it. Remember that famous quote, “I did not have sex with that woman!”
    I about fell out of my chair laughing some time ago when I saw Hillary being interviewed and she was asked what would be her advice to anyone involved with the impeachment hearings and she said her advice would be to just “tell the truth.” This was after she had looked up the word truth in the dictionary to see what the definition of it was.
    On the impeachment hearings, President Trump had denied doing anything wrong and he has promised never to do it again. Anytime you get tired of watching the comedians on TV, just turn on any of the news channels and watch our “leaders” in Washington and then have a good heartfelt cry when you think about what they are doing to the greatest country the world has ever known.
Ray Plank