Special interests can’t have final say

    Thanks, Rob, for the editorial last week about Missouri House Bill 2004 regarding the removal of "age-inappropriate sexual material" from public libraries.

    While offhand this bill looks like it could be a good thing, one sentence—which I could not believe would be there—shoots it down: "Any such determination or order made by the board shall be the final determination or order on such materials and shall not be subject to any review by the governing body of the public library, the state, or any political subdivision thereof."
    As you pointed out, "...the decisions made by these boards will be final." In my opinion these boards should make recommendations to the governing boards for their final determinations.
    It looks to me like someone with an agenda put this in there hoping that busy lawmakers would not catch it until too late. And to be more specific, I suspect that since it deals with sexual material, homosexuals are behind it, hoping to get out any materials that go against their lifestyle and then somehow get materials in that promote their lifestyle. While I could be wrong, I doubt it.
    While I realize that the board will be voted on, as you imply, Rob, one night meetings can be manipulated and loaded with people with the same agenda. It's different than an actual election that takes time.
    If the bill would make that one change, I would probably be for it. But as is, no way.
Pastor Norman Heironimus