Oaths require a guilty verdict

    We have just witnessed the complete capitulation of the Senate Republican leadership to the Trump lawlessness. I do remember when the Republican Party was a party of strong conservatism, coupled with a sense of honesty, integrity, and honor.

    The recent impeachment trial vote to forbid all witnesses and documents does not support those values. It does support the willingness to do anything to reelect its members.
    A vote of guilty is still possible if senators uphold their oaths to uphold the constitution and to be impartial jurors. I can't believe anyone who honestly processes what was offered during the hearing regarding the articles of impeachment does not know that the Trump administration violated laws and tried to bribe a foreign leader to give them ammunition to interfere with a presidential election.
    They must also know that the administration knew it was worth trying to hide their deeds from those outside the conspirators because it was wrong. The Senators must realize that a vote of not guilty will just embolden the administration to ignore the constitution and believe there are no limits on their power.
    A fear of retribution from the Trump administration, in the case of a guilty vote, is a real fear, but senators need to rise to the occasion and save our country from an autocrat and his sycophants. The greater the fear of retribution the greater the need to fight back.
    The only remedy now is elections, and the fairness of those elections will be threatened more than ever if there is a finding of not guilty.
James Vokac
Willow Springs, Mo.