In response to “Commissioners address road complaints”

    I happen to be from St. Louis, however, that does not make me uninformed about gravel roads. I grew up in a rural area and have experienced many hundreds of miles of gravel.

    I believe the main issue I currently am dealing with is that the road base on our road, McDade Springs, has been severely undermined by excessive grading and the lack of sufficient rock replacement. This began about three years ago.
    The base in front of my house has been dug down over 5 inches in some areas. We’ve been graded without placing new gravel, so much that for the past two years mud runs down my driveway and my mailbox area has deep mud ruts.
    One trip to my house and back to town cakes so much mud on my vehicle that the super wash at the Mobil On The Run can’t get it clean. As time goes on the repair costs will only continue to climb.
    I encourage anyone to take a drive down our road and witness the mud, washboards, and potholes that have formed and have been there for over two years due to the damage to the roadbed. What once was a two-lane road is now in many places down to one lane.
    Many culverts are stopped up allowing water to play havoc on the roadway as well. These issues did not just occur due to cold weather; they have been developing over the last three years.
    One major concern has been that no one will return phone calls when a legitimate concern arises. Being willing and able to evaluate taxpayer concerns could be fiscally responsible for the commissioner.
    I can’t imagine all the knowledge that is required to service all of the variations in a road system. All I know is that the McDade Springs Road needs some objective consideration and a different approach to rebuild the roadbed and then place the needed gravel so it can transform from a mud road to a gravel road again.
    I have experienced other gravel roads in the area in a similar condition so I know McDade Springs Road is not alone.
    I have been told that a large investment was made to replace a major piece of road equipment. If this is true and not enough funds are left for adequate resurfacing materials, then we have a budgetary issue that could possibly be addressed.
    I don’t expect a perfect road, but I would like a gravel road back. Perhaps some advice from an outside engineer would provide some help in solving some difficult issues regarding some of the roadways.
    In my profession, continuing education is mandatory and is extremely helpful to allow me to do my best and to keep abreast of new and improved materials and methods. This help might most importantly provide a significant cost savings over the coming years.
    This reply is not about bashing the efforts to maintain these vast roadways. I appreciate anyone who does their best to provide a service. That being said, legitimate concerns should be addressed, evaluated, and solutions should be sought.  
    My desire is for some consideration from the (Crawford County) commission and over the next two years to begin rebuilding what was three years ago a nice gravel road. This consideration could start with a drive down McDade Springs Road by the commissioners and see for yourself.
Jim Stanford
St. Louis

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