Story brought back memories of brother

    I read with interest the article about Mr. Stephens and the Battle of the Bulge. It sounds like the story of my brother, Sgt. Howard A. Henry.
    He fought the same battles. He was in a convoy when the jeep behind him was hit by a mortar. Howard jumped out to rescue the soldier.
    This was during the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes Forest.

    As Howard was trying to help the soldier a Panzer tank came over a bluff. My brother had just enough time to swallow his papers so he had only his dog tags.
    My parents first received a telegram from Red Cross saying, “He was a missing in action.” Another followed saying, “he was a prisoner.”
    The prisoners were kept marching. There was one boiled potato or rotten cabbage in water with worms for their rations, once a day.
    When they came by a farm, they would get small amounts of food.
    Howard was released from the prison camp at the end of the war. He received the Purple Heart and other medals.
    He became a welder building water towers in Illinois and Missouri. Then he traveled to South America and Saudi Arabia to build oil tanks that looked like our water tanks.
    As a young man he helped build Holy Cross Church in Cuba, Missouri.
    Our old pickup truck from the ‘20s was one of the trucks used to haul rock from the local rivers and creeks.
    Howard married and had two sons and 12 stepchildren. He passed away October 11, 1991 with cancer and is buried on a mountain in California.
Carol Breslich

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