God heals in various ways

    One of the differences between Bible-believing Christians is whether God is still doing miracles today like in the book of acts—especially physical healing.
    I had always wondered why He didn't seem to be—although some of the Pentecostals said He was. So one time way back in 1973 in another state after being in the ministry seven years I went to a Full Gospel Businessmen’s event where healing was supposed to happen—and I saw it happen.

    There were some claimed internal healings, which can be dubious, but a chiropractor who had a bad back verified to me later that he was totally healed. But there were also several people who had one short leg—as much as one inch—that the Lord lengthened right before our eyes.
    One man said he could feel his leg moving against the inside of his pants. The man praying would have the people sit in a folding chair with their legs sticking straight our where it was obvious to us close enough that one leg was short anywhere from one-quarter inch to one inch.
    A month later I went to another such meeting in a different location with a different speaker and saw similar things.
    Since this was all done in the name of Jesus and everything seemed to be Christian, I decided it was of God and was for today. So I began praying for and seeking His will in my life and ministry. To be brief, soon I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues (which made me a so-called Charismatic—a non-Pentecostal who believes that God is still willing to do these things today—and put me in disfavor with my denomination) and I began to see similar healings through me.
    While I acknowledge that some people I have prayed for have not been healed, many have—and all glory goes to the God who did it. The following examples are some of them.
    Many people have had a short leg lengthened, and there was one arm and finger. One 68-year-old lady who got polio at age three had a leg one-inch shorter, which the Lord lengthened right before several peoples' eyes.
    Many people with various allergies had them cast out. One 18-month-old baby who had been doctor-diagnosed with multiple allergies lost them all one night and became well. Many people lost unusual fears such as heights, enclosures, and hypodermic needles.
    One man in former Briarwood Manor in his 80s had cancer that had eaten a hole in his cheek, and the Lord healed it over a period of time with one prayer at a time until all was healed. Every time I would visit him (two or three times a week) the bandage would be smaller until the cheek was all filled in with new pink skin (the head nurse, who is still in Cuba, can verify this).
    But the most unusual healing so far was done to Ruby Pennock, my secretary and church helper. When a child she had rheumatic fever, had problems with her knees, and when she and her husband joined my former church in the early 80s (she was in her 30s) she had had two surgeries on one knee and one on the other by Dr. Marti in Rolla. She had to go up stairs carefully one step at a time and it was too painful to kneel because of rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Marti had said she would probably be in a wheelchair in five years, and it was about that time.
    One night while at their house I began talking to her about possibly praying for her knees another time. When finished, I was going to leave, but she said something like, "Wait a minute. You know how I was interrupting you? I did that for a reason. When you were talking, I started getting a sensation in my knees. So I interrupted you to see what would happen, and when you quit talking the sensation stopped and when you started talking again the sensation came back. This happened several times, and now I believe I'm already healed.” Then she began walking around raising her knees without pain and saying she could not do this earlier—and her husband agreed.
    We thanked God for it, and I started talking about further praying about it in the future. And again when I started to leave, she said, "The same thing happened again. When you talked, the sensation came, and now my knees feel even more comfortable." So we prayed and thanked God again for it all...and I finally went home.
    After that she could kneel with no pain, go up stairs with no problem, and her father-in-law noticed that she even walked differently (before he knew of the healing).
    Then she went to Dr. Marti, told him what happened, and had him to take X-rays to compare with the old ones. He did and said there was a difference. She asked him to write a letter declaring so, and he did. Copies are available for anyone to read.
    Ironically, 25 years later due to excess stress (according to all her doctors) she developed clogged arteries which resulted in stints being inserted and eventually by-pass surgery in 2015, and in 2016 developed problems with her knees which resulted in surgery on one and she sometimes uses a cane. We prayed more than once, but nothing seemed to happen.
    Also, the man with the cancer...a year later the cancer came back in another place, and despite my prayers he passed away in his upper 80s. Since he went to Heaven, I doubt that he was disappointed.
    So how to interpret this? While I'm not sure—various ideas could be considered—perhaps God was simply saying that He is willing to heal at times both ways—regularly and miraculously—for those who are willing to consider both ways.
    If anyone would care to talk to me further about this, with no obligation to me or my little church, my cell number is 573-259-3481, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and I am on Facebook where this letter will also be.
Pastor Norman Heironimus

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