Free Internet hot spot opens at Bourbon Community Center

    Thanks to the generosity of Blue Bit Internet Service, the Community Center in Bourbon is making free Wi-Fi Internet service available to people in the parking lot outside of the Center. This will continue until further notice or until the emergency stay-at-home restrictions are lifted and people are allowed to go back to work and students can return to school.

    The hot spot can also be used to check e-mails and send text messages as needed. Free Wi-Fi service will also be available inside the Community Event Center as soon as it re-opens for public use. The center is currently open only for limited approved use until at least April 30.     There are duidelines users must follow, so this service can be safely be made available to anyone who needs it. User are asked to adhere to the following guidelines:
    • The Hot Spot is to be used only during the daylight hours of dawn to dusk, unless you need to send or receive something in an emergency after these hours.
    • Maintain social distancing. Do not sit in groups inside of vehicles “playing” on phones or laptops; no loud music or partying. No unnecessary noise. This is not an excuse for social gatherings.
    • Visit the parking lot to conduct your Internet business and move on. No Loitering around.
    • Park in designated parking spaces, do not block the driving lanes of the lot and do not congregate along Elm Street or in the park.
    • The parking lot will be monitored by the Bourbon Police Department and you will be asked to leave if they deem it necessary.
    • Do not Litter the area; there is a dumpster on the premises that you may use.
    If there are problems at this location, or if anyone is found to be misusing or abusing the use of this service, it will be closed down immediately. If there are questions about this service, or you experience problems using it, contact either Barb Condren at 573-205-8550 or Jen Tracy at 573-205-6057.

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