What is the truth?

    It is extremely difficult to decipher the truth when our contemporary media bring the news. Not since the time of Walter Cronkite and Tom Brokaw do people accept what is reported on news programs.

    The report of the coronavirus has been an exception. Most of the reports seem right on the money. However, there is a virus that is spreading throughout the country which is almost totally ignored by the media. It is the virus that affects the minds and bodies all over the country. It has killed at least 60 million infants. If we had the same results from the coronavirus, everyone would go crazy.
    And so we have Senator Schumer threatening the Supreme Court if they dare to limit the abortion virus in any way. To make matters worse, behind the senator were signs indicated that abortion is a Catholic value. The Catholic Church has never approved abortion. When Moses received the Ten Commandments, notice that they were not called the ten suggestions. One command says, “Thou shalt not kill.” It is for this reason that the Catholic Church has never approved abortion.
    This is not just an issue with the Catholic Church; it is an ideal supported by Christians of most denominations and also by non-Christians who respect the natural law.
Don Sellers

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