Let's think for ourselves

The rumors during this tumultuous time are swirling thick and fast. The mainstream media, (and even a good deal of what is called "alternative media") is having a hay day doing what they do best - whipping the world into fear and hysteria, enabling their masters (control freaks, every one) to get a better stranglehold on the common people of the world, and push their agendas, which are always about more control (their chief fantasy, drive, and motivation.)

Among the almost completely silenced voices are doctors warning that often ventilators are damaging lungs, not the disease, because they are assuming pneumonia when there is some other mode of oxygen deprivation at work; scientists claiming that, at least in many cases, the existence of high levels of exosomes are being mistaken for viruses, and there is thus a large number of misdiagnoses of Covid-19; scientists asserting that new coronaviruses mutate every year, and the presence of these particular strains are being attributed to disease without sound testing; and many others, some offering evidence, some not, making claims that this is a virus made in a laboratory, and deliberately or accidentally (or a little of both) released on the world. A better known rumor, largely because the experts-on-everything in Hollywood have taken it up, is that 5G either causes the virus, or exacerbates the disease. To me, any of these claims are believable, and anything that gets people to take a harder look at the safety of 5G , and the veracity of the media and the governments of the world, is a good thing. But in a certain important sense, they are irrelevant.

What we do know for sure is that the CDC has greatly liberalized their guidelines for what should be ruled a "Covid-19 related death," doubtlessly increasing the official mortality rate. We also know that the per capita ratio of cases in every country (including Spain, which has had a huge increase of cases and attributed deaths since their draconian lockdown) is still pretty small, and that the media has been comparing apples to oranges when they compare the statistics, from the CDC and elsewhere, for the mortality rate in "confirmed" cases of COVID vs. the rate in estimated cases of influenza.

But even all that is beside the point. Even if the disease itself ends up being worse than any of us imagine, what the governments (with the help of their controlled media) have done to us in their reactions to this crisis, whatever is causing it, is what is really going to matter to most of us, in the long run. Whether the disease suddenly disappears and stops at the current low per-capita rate or ends up infecting us all and becoming more virulent, I say the actions of the politicians of the world have not made a difference in the disease, and have made many things, including future diseases and treatment of other current health problems, worse. If governments like Sweden and others resist the intense political pressure they are under, and keep to their course of non-intervention, we will have some control sets to look at in the future (which is probably why the pressure on those governments is so intense.)

Why do most people always assume that those among us who are attracted to power (those who run for office, join the government, or are crony capitalists using the governments to strong-arm any legitimate competition) are qualified to micro-manage our lives, infringe on our personal liberties, and generally act as our eternal mother and father? I can only assume that it's because they have made the State their god, and don't want any personal responsibility to think for themselves and consider what are the right things for them to do.

During flu season, most of us avoid large groups of strangers and the vulnerable among us when we're feeling ill, without having an enforcer of the state guarding our bedroom door. The city council member, and the state legislator or governor, and the heads of federal institutions getting millions of dollars from self-interested crony capitalists like Bill Gates (hello, Fauci and Birx), don't know better than we do what is good for our health, or care more than we do for the health of our neighbors and family members.

Many people in the United States are going to soon find out, as citizens of many other countries already know, what a terrible, capricious, uncaring, incompetent, and cruel shepherd is human government! Let's stop letting the would-be masters scare us into a bleak slavery! Let's stop listening to compromised "leaders," and the hysterical and mendacious media, and think for ourselves.

Thanks for reading,

Dan Jacobson
St. James

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