Cuba council approves bills and minutes, adjourns

    Undoubtedly, the Cuba City Council set a record on April 9 for its shortest meeting ever. The entire thing lasted 90 seconds.
    Mayor Ray Mortimeyer called the meeting to order at 6 p.m. with no public in attendance due to the ongoing pandemic and city emergency order. The meeting was streamed live on the city’s website.

    Aldermen Kevin Copling, Sam Black, Debbie Martin, Warren Graddy, and Cody Leathers were in attendance, with only Jeff Bouse absent. Also attending was Public Works Director Craig Bouse. Both the city attorney and police chief, who normally attend, were also absent.
    After approving the agenda, the council approved motions to accept the minutes of the March 17 meeting and then voted to pay the bills. The meeting was then adjourned.
    The aldermen and mayor had previously been in discussions via email about city employees’ work hours, but no discussion about it was held during the meeting. Mortimeyer has city hall employees working two days at home and two at the office on an alternating basis, while half of public works is working two days a week, with the other half also working two days.
    “Everyone who is working at home is on call and must answer any phone calls sent their way or come in if necessary,” said City Clerk Christine Nash.
    During phone interviews, Alderman Cody Leathers said he and at least four other aldermen feel the public works staff could be working 40 hours a week, while taking the necessary social distancing precautions, but Mortimeyer disagreed, saying he feels it is important to limit city employees exposure to the public as much as possible.
    “The county is working their road district employees full time and so is MoDOT,” Leathers said. “We just don’t see why we can’t do the same thing.”
    “Under the emergency declaration, the council gave me the authority to take action to keep our employees safe,” Mortimeyer said, “and that’s what I’m doing.”