Coronavirus has impacted us all

By Jadyn Chirico
    A few months ago I had not expected the coronavirus to grow into a global pandemic. I expected that I would finish off the school year from within the classroom and not have to miss the trip that my family and I had been looking forward to for months. I didn’t think that there would be a day that I’d enter the grocery store to find that shelves were becoming empty, or that I could no longer go into a restaurant and sit down. And as I think many can agree that we never saw this coming, it’s a hard time that we’re all working through together.

    The schools are closed and many are working from home. This has affected me as well as other students, as many of us feel the lack of motivation to get much done when we’re not in a classroom setting. While this doesn’t go for everyone, I think many of us are beginning to miss going to school every day.
    There are many things that we all took for granted before this outbreak, that now we’ll never take for granted again. It’s also been rough for the senior class as many feared the possible cancellation of graduation and prom. However, it’s now a possibility that might just take place at a later date.
    Overall, learning from home has been a challenge for many that has made some of us want to return to the classroom. And with our wish to go back to school, we wish we didn’t have to miss out on other things such as sports and other events.
    Not only has the coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, made an influence on the lives of students but also the lives of families everywhere. From financial matters to being stuck at home, just about everyone knows what dealing with this outbreak is like.
    Some keep their eyes on the declining stock market, and some of us worry about the lack of toilet paper on the shelves. Going into a store is much different from how it was just months ago; you feel more restricted and also cautious. Many stores have either closed or limited their number of customers, which for some shoppers can mean a waiting period. Upon entering stores, many find themselves sanitizing their carts and sometimes wearing masks. Some stores even put reminders to keep at least six feet away from others.
    Restaurants have changed their rules and you can no longer dine-in, but rather use a drive-through or curbside pick-up. Overall, many businesses are closed and this has left many at home. Also, spring breakers have found their vacations canceled and any trips that they had planned postponed. My family and I had plans to fly out-of-state back in early April, but that trip was cancelled about a week or two prior to us leaving. Now, we don’t plan to going until the summer when everything will hopefully open back up. This outbreak has greatly affected people and their everyday lives, which seem to have been put on hold.
    Staying safe and healthy is extremely important during COVID-19. We need to make sure we’re keeping ourselves at home as much as possible to slow the spread of the virus, and only leaving for important and necessary reasons. While lately staying at home seems unappealing, remember that if we don’t social distance and keep ourselves at home we’re risking spreading coronavirus even more.
    If you do go out in public, make sure you’re six feet away from others as the virus can be passed from one person to another at a shorter distance. Don’t go out in large groups, and overall stick to the common rules of social distancing. Make sure to always wash your hands for 15 to 20 seconds, and refrain from touching your face often.
    As we don’t know much about this virus, we do know that keeping your hands clean and staying away from others can help with avoiding getting you or someone else sick. This is a difficult time, but it’s all going to be okay and everyone around the world will make it through this together. Just remember to stay safe and to stay healthy.
    EDITOR’S NOTE: Jadyn Chirico is a high school junior from St. James and has been working as an intern for the Saint James Press.

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