Fill out the census

    As we navigate the current crisis let's not forget that the census opened on April 1. Missouri has a response rate of only 54.2 percent. Crawford County has a response rate of only 42.8 percent.

    Many programs are based on population count—we're seeing it now with the federal stimulus money. Ten years ago our state lost a seat in the House of Representatives based on our census count. We can't afford to lose another one.
    If you get your mail at a post office box, you will not get a paper census form. It is extremely important that you call 1-844-330-2020 or go to and complete the form online. It will take about five minutes and is very easy, (even I could do it!).
    I know some consider this an invasion of privacy, but it is more than information for future genealogists. The government already knows how many houses are in an area, now they need to know how many people are in those houses. Those numbers are used to decide programs that bring our tax dollars back into our state, i.e. transportation, food stamps, stimulus money, etc. Census information is kept strictly private.
    We will live with the results of this count for ten years. Let's make sure it is accurate.
Mary Heywood
Ward II Alderman
City of Bourbon