Three charged for domestic assaults incidents

    Domestic assault charges have been filed as a result of three separate incidents in Crawford County over the past couple of weeks.

Steelville woman punches another
    Jeanie Michelle Hicks, 26, of Steelville, faces charges for class E felony domestic assault in the third degree as a result of a May 13 incident.
    According to court documents, a Steelville police officer was dispatched to a residence on Bird’s Nest Road to investigate an assault that was no longer in progress where both parties had left the home. The reporting party initially told the officer that Hicks had been assaulted by a man and had asked the other woman to call 911, however, Hicks returned while the officer was talking to the reporting party and called the woman a liar. The officer’s report noted that Hicks appeared to be intoxicated.
    Hicks also said she wanted the other woman out of her house. The officer attempted to explain the process for eviction to her, but said she would not listen. During the conversation, the officer reported he was “attempting to calm the situation” between the two women, but “Mrs. Hicks became extremely agitated that I could not remove (the other woman) and began attacking her in front of me. Mrs. Hicks grabbed (the other woman) by her hair with her right hand and with her left hand began striking her with a closed fist anywhere she could reach.”
    The officer grabbed Hicks’ right hand and put one wrist restraint on her, and was then able to get her to let go of the other woman’s hair and place the other wrist restraint on her. Due to the ongoing situation, and the other woman not having anywhere else to go, Hicks was transported to the county jail.

Leasburg man fights cop
    Nathan Andrew Richardson, 33, of Leasburg, has been charged with class D felony domestic assault in the second degree and class E felony resisting an arrest for a May 9 incident.
    According to the probable cause statement on file in the case, the victim reported Richardson—with whom she has an ongoing intimate relationship and a mutual child—allegedly assaulted her by striking her with closed fists several times on her head and back. She reportedly had visible knots on her forehead and red marks on her back which she said were the result of the incident.
    The officer who responded stated, when he told Richardson he was under arrest, Richardson responded that he was not. The officer wrote in his statement, “When I attempted to place the suspect into handcuffs, he pulled his arm away from me and turned to face me. I told the subject to get on the ground and place his hands behind his back, and he refused to do so. When I attempted to put the subject’s hands behind his back, he pulled away from me and attempted to turn towards me, resulting in both of us falling to the ground. I maintained a grip on one of the subject’s arms and told him to roll over and place his hands behind his back. The subject continued to argue with me for a couple of minutes before finally ceasing any further resistance and submitting to arrest.”

Cuba man shoots flare gun
    Mark Edward Chitwood, Sr., 54, of Cuba, stands charged with class E felony domestic assault in the third degree and class E felony unlawful use of a weapon for an incident that took place on May 6.
    On May 6, Crawford County deputies were dispatched to the 14000 block of Highway F in Cuba to investigate a report of an assault.
    The alleged victim reported that he had been grabbed by the throat by Chitwood and pushed against a wall. The victim said he had punched Chitwood in the face in self-defense. He reported that Chitwood had then left the home and threatened to burn an ATV. The victim allgedly saw Chitwood pour what he believed to be gasoline on the ATV and then Chitwood threw the container at him. The victim stated that Chitwood produced an orange pistol, pointed it in his direction and pulled the trigger. The police report noted that was later revealed to be a flare gun.
    The victim said, when the weapon didn’t fire, he grabbed the firearm from Chitwood’s hand and struck him multiple times with a closed fist, then threw the weapon where Chitwood could not readily retrieve it. The weapon was retrieved by deputies and secured.
    Chitwood had left the residence in a red Dodge Dakota pickup, and was located a short time later not far from the residence. He was taken into custody and read his rights, then asked to describe the events. The probable cause statement noted he would only say he had been assaulted and would not elaborate. Under further questioning, Chitwood reportedly “became belligerent” and allegedly threatened to kill the other man after he got out of jail.