God would have wanted kids fed

    My answer to Pastor Heironimus.
    I’m not using Bible passages to respond to your letter. I’m using common sense and the Declaration of Independence. The second paragraph stated that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    I would think being able to feed your children from an income you earned yourself would fall under these rights. Ms. Luther made the decision to open her salon not only so she could feed her kids but also so her employees could feed theirs.
    When she was arrested and stood before Judge Eric Moyé, she was fined $7,000, with no bail and $500 for each day of the seven days her salon was open. The judge gave her an opportunity to potentially avoid her sentence if she admitted that she was selfish, apologized and promised to keep her salon closed. She refused, saying she disagreed with him when he said she was selfish, because feeding her kids is not selfish. Her hair stylists were going hungry so they could not feed their kids. She told him if he thought the law was more important than kids being fed then to please go ahead with his decision.
    His decision was seven days in jail and a total of $10,500 in fines. Ms. Luther’s attorney appealed to the Texas Supreme Court.
    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wrote a letter Judge Moyé and put out a statement calling for Ms. Luther’s immediate release. Lt. Governor Parick paid her fine and volunteered to be placed under house arrest in her place so she could go to work and feed her kids. Gov. Abbot agreed that Judge Moyé had taken excessive action. State Rep. Jonathan Stricklan, Texas Freedom Caucus, and State Rep. Mike Lang all called for Gov. Abbot to pardon Ms. Luther. The Texas Supreme Court ordered the release of Ms. Luther. She has spent two nights in jail when she was released.
    Gov. Abbot announced that all salons and barber shops were allowed to reopen May 8.
    This Judge Moyé is the same judge who released hardened criminals for fear of them contracting COVID-19.
    Ms. Luther wasn’t disobeying God. She was disobeying a cease-and-desist order. I believe God would want her to feed her children.
    Do you believe the German people should have followed Hitler’s orders?
    How about our founding fathers, should they have defied King George? If they hadn’t, we wouldn’t be here in the most free nation on earth.
    Sometimes judicial power is misplaced and abused. The perfect example of that is Judge Sullivan in the Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn case.
Juanita Skyles

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