Proud of marchers

    I am so proud of the people of Steelville and Crawford County who organized, participated in and supported the Silent March For Equal Rights on Saturday, June 6.  At some risk, the organizers persevered and the turnout, about 70, was awesome!

    I am also proud and grateful for the support and encouragement of the Steelville Peace Officers, the Crawford County Sheriff's Department and the Missouri State Highway Patrol. They were quick to support the idea of the march and walked right alongside of us!
    A video of the march, which was posted on FB, has had over 10,000 views, was seen all across the nation, and has so many wonderful comments.  Here is one:  "Little town in Missouri. 1600 hundred people! I love how the police officers are walking beside them instead of standing against them! When you get it right this is what it looks like!!!!!
    Another comment: " YALL. MIDDLE MISSOURI CAME OUT."
    And a final FB comment, especially for the organizers (you know who you are), "SO PROUD ... IT MAKES ME CRY HAPPY TEARS. MY LITTLE HOMETOWN ...ONE CANDLE ... LIGHTS A THOUSAND MORE.
    I'll leave it right there!
    With much sincerity and hope,
Ellen Bowles