CVS opens COVID-19 test site in Phelps County

            CVS Health has opened a COVID-19 test site in Phelps County at 500 Bishop Avenue North in Rolla. The site began seeing patients on Friday, June 19, and will be accepting drive-through testing.

            The site is the 26th CVS testing site in Missouri, joining more than 1,200 locations across 33 states and the District of Columbia. CVS Health Regional Director Lien Rogers said this will give residents an opportunity to get tested easily with limited contact. “What you will experience is staying in the car and getting swab tested. We will send off the tests to a lab and evaluate for a positive test,” Rogers explained.

            To participate, a patient needs to register at and they will set an appointment to drive by the testing site. There is a short form to fill out to see if someone qualifies for testing, since resources are limited. “They will not be getting out of their car. We will give you an appointment window within a day of registering or up to two days. Once you get an appointment window, they will go straight to the drive through. Our team will then walk them through the swabbing procedure,” Rogers explained.

            Once completed, tests will be sent off to the lab and results can take between two and four days before the results are done. These sites will utilize self-swab tests and will enable the company’s goal to process 1.5 million tests per month, nationwide, depending on supplies and lab capacity, Rodgers said. There are no out-of-pocket costs to be tested for both insured and uninsured patients. Patients will be required to stay in their cars and will be directed to the pharmacy drive-thru window or a location in the parking lot where they will be provided with a test kit and given instructions.

            “Our team will observe the self-swab process to ensure it is done properly,” Rogers said, adding testing is easy and only takes a few minutes to perform. Tests will be sent to an independent, third-party lab for processing. “We are excited to be able to offer this to our communities. We really are working with our teams to make this available and want our patients to feel comfortable during the process,” Rogers said.

            She added this has been a challenge in getting the resources to communities across the nation and to provide the tools communities need to have testing available, but CVS is focusing on making these resources available and hopes to provide a benefit for the area. “It is obviously a new adventure and process. Our community seems to be excited about it as we try to open up America,” Rogers said.

            Anyone interested in getting tested is encouraged to visit the CVS website to learn how to make an appointment and get the process started. On the homepage, there is a tab for Find Testing Sites, which will take the user to the form to fill out to see if they qualify. Additional COVID-19 resources can also be found on the website for users to learn more about the virus and what resources are available to them.