We continue to dumb down our country

    During WWII one of the best of the German generals, Irwin Rommel, made an interesting observation about the American troops. He said that when an American officer leading the troops was killed, the next in command took over and the unit continued to be as effective.

    Not so for the German troops who had to wait for orders before continuing the fight. A great example is show by the exploits of Audie Murphy who effectively took over a unit time and again. However, it is a mystery that in less than a decade one of leading educators, James Conant, was concerned about “dumbing down” the American Education System. His statements have proven to be prophetic.
    Since his time there have been a multitude of ideas that made his ideas a reality.
    Remember the movie, “Love Story” in which the actress stated that love means you never have to say you’re sorry? Anyone married more than 10 years can testify that such an absurd idea is ridiculous. Yet in today’s progressive culture we are told to be sorry we are born white, to be sorry for flying the American flag, to be sorry our values are Christian, etc., etc., ad infinitum.
    Who can forget Senator Schumer standing in front of the Supreme Court uttering threats with the people in the background carrying signs proclaiming that “Abortion is a Catholic value?" Nothing could be farther from the truth.
    And now there is the newest bright idea, “Defunding the Police,” which is nothing but catering to the criminal element in our society. The truth is that our society has never paid law enforcement adequately. Perhaps one of the worst of these great ideas was that proposed by Adam Schiff in his lies about having evidence in what was called the “Trump/Russian collusion” and the subsequent effort to impeach the president.
    Maybe Conant was right! The dumbing down of American education is in full swing. But as I have written before, you can’t fix stupid!
Don Sellers