Graddy wins special Ward 1 election

    Warren Graddy will remain an alderman in Cuba’s Ward 1. In a special election held Tuesday to break a tie from the June 2 municipal election, Graddy defeated Harold Halbert 57-53.

    During the June election, Graddy and challenger Harold Halbert finished in a dead heat as each received 64 votes. The result prompted the new election.
    In the first election, there were 129 ballots cast in the Ward 1 race, but one person did not vote for either man, instead casting a write-in vote. This time, just 110 people voted.
    The tie vote was required to be settled under Missouri law, which would have allowed for one of the men to withdraw their candidacy or for a drawing to be held to determine the winner. Neither Graddy nor Halbert wanted those options, so that led to the special election.
    Graddy was elected for a two-year term.