Do Democrats ever do anything wrong?

    Mr. Don Sellers wrote a wonderful letter to the editor last seek and how better could it be demonstrated then in the letter written by Amanda Mitchell.
    Ms. Mitchell talks about standing for truth but so much of what she illustrated was not based on truth or fact.

    To begin with, President Trump is not blind to the truth he recognizes traitors when he sees them. So many of those he has fired have been deep within the bowels of the Executive Branch of government so long they think they should make all the decisions and set the agenda. They were not elected by the people to any office. They serve at the discretion of the elected president. They have been there so long through Democrat and Republican administrations that they think they should tell the elected president how to run his administration. Thank goodness for President Trump cleaning house of a lot of them. A president should have people in his administration he can trust and who will carry out his policies not theirs. We didn’t elect them.
    Speaking of scientific truth from the World Health Organization and top epidemiologists in the world. They kept COVID-19 a secret from the world until China had dispersed enough people around the world to make sure they had infected 188 countries. At first, they said the virus would not spread from person to person and there was no need to wear masks. Then finally they had to acknowledge that it did spread from person to person but still masks would give you no protection. Then they finally changed that to masks were mandatory. Then there were reports of the virus also spreading between humans and animals. So much for truth coming from an organization the United States supported to the tune of $400 million a year. China’s support to the World Health Organization was $40 million a year. So much for the price of truth and honesty.
    President Trump had the foresight to stop travel into the U.S. from China soon after the virus was made public. He did this against the advice of the World Health Organization, the Democrats, the so-called medical and scientific experts. Thank goodness we have a president who is looking out for what is best for Americans.
    Ms. Mitchell was right about one thing, that Americans have access to both the truth and lies. Unfortunately some can’t tell the difference or recognize either until it’s too late.
    Ms. Mitchell pointed out all the faults of the Republicans but I didn’t read anything about the faults of the Democrats. Are we to assume that they have none? How about the fact that they have been orchestrating a coup against a duly elected president for three and a half years or that they spied on his campaign even before he was elected. To date their evidence and proof that he has committed crimes or broken laws have all evaporated when they came out of the Democrat House bunker and faced the light of day.
    While we’re talking truths, let’s hit on a few about the Democrats. Of the 20 cities and stated hit hardest by the COVID-19 virus, 17 are run by Democrat mayors and/or governors, two are run by Independents and one by a Republican, who used to be a Democrat. Democrats support killing babies even when they’re in the birth canal, then letting them die even if they survive the abortion. They support taxpayers paying for their infanticide. They want illegals and felons to vote, to have free healthcare for all, they support the First Amendment as long as it’s for free speech that has nothing to do with religious liberty. They don’t support the police, military or our Second Amendment, but they do support same-sex marriage, transgenders and every other “ism” out there. They don’t respect American founding or the flag unless it’s being burned. They want to abolish the Electoral College so New York, California and other population centers can decide who will be president. The fly-over states would have no vote. They want to get rid of fossil fuels which are from mother nature and instead spending 92 trillion dollars on the Green New Deal.
    President Trump is a fierce defender of the First and Second amendments, right to life, religious liberty, traditional values, veterans, rebuilding the military, and securing our borders.
    Speaking of borders and walls, didn’t we all see the walls that were put in place in Seattle around the area controlled by the rioters and looters? But that was okay. The Democrats supported that.
Juanita Skyles