Give your support to Medicaid expansion

    There is a very important vote for the August 4 primary election. There is a significant effort to defeat Medicaid expansion for the people of Missouri. The forces behind the effort to defeat Medicaid Expansion are well funded and are willing to use a variety of methods to reach their goal. Americans for Prosperity is the same organization that attacked The Affordable Care Act with false and misleading statements.

    To judge the veracity of arguments it is useful to know the interests of the source. Americans for Prosperity is a “social welfare” organization that belongs to an influential network of politically active groups backed by Charles Koch, the libertarian billionaire owner of Koch Industries. AFP opposes labor unions, health care reform, stimulus spending, and any effort to combat climate change. Opportunity Solutions Project states they seek to improve lives by advocating for public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, individual liberty, and a limited accountable government. OSP and AFP both promote the interests of billionaires, not the people of Missouri.
    Their main argument against expansion is the state does not have the funds. In fact the best estimates are the state will have a benefit of about $1 billion per year. This includes Federal support, job creation, and reduced costs due to reduced loss of time off due to illness. But the most important effects of expansion are the effects on the health of our citizens and our health care system.
    A very good source for accurate information on Amendment 2 is Families USA. For more information see
    Please help to spread the real story about the impact of Amendment 2 and help get out the vote.
    Vote yes on Amendment 2 for the people of Missouri.
Jim Vokac
Willow Springs