Cuba Summer School safety guidelines announced

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    In what will be a trial for a full return to school in late August, the Cuba School District will be opening its summer school on Monday, July 13. The program, which runs through August 12, will follow extensive safety guidelines in hopes of keeping students and staff members safe from the coronavirus.

    “We are going to take a week or two to evaluate, but will make improvements as needed,” Superintendent Jon Earnhart said. “We will use summer school as a trial run for these. We are working on our full re-entry plan for August. I expect to have a tentative re-entry plan on paper by the first of August, but it will be subject to change based on new info, guidelines, and updates with the pandemic.”
     In releasing its Summer School guidelines, the school district said, “The primary goal of initiating a re-entry plan is to keep students and staff healthy while providing a safe learning environment to the best of our ability.” The district issued a list and description of precautions and protocols in effect during summer school.
    “The emphasis is to open safely and remain open,” the announcement read. “To do so, an impetus is placed on containment and contact tracing within several procedures implemented. CCR2 staff and administration recognize that all must respect the journey each other is on through this pandemic.”
    Protocols were announced as follows:

    1. Students will be assigned seats by family and bus stop.
    2. Open seats in the front will remain unoccupied for sick children and social distancing.
    3. Buses will be signaled to unload.
    4. Students will be dismissed from seats in an orderly, singular fashion.
    5. Buildings and grade-levels will have staggered release times.
    6. Buses will be disinfected between each route; two times per day.
    7. A bus log will be kept.

    1. Will self-assess prior to coming to work following the self-assessment protocol.
    2. If at work and get sick, staff will contact the nurse to come to their room to be evaluated and determination made.
    3. All staff are required to provide a “safe to return” notice from their physician to return.
    4. Regular handwashing and use of hand sanitizer will be required.
    5. Staff may wear a mask at their discretion. Masks will only be provided for the first five days unless required by administration.
    6. Food service staff will wear masks when serving food.
    7. Staff screening students entering the building will wear a mask.
    8. The driver’s education instructor will wear a mask while in the car.
    9. Any staff member not working summer school will be encouraged to stay home or be required to go through screening prior to entry. No guests or additional family members will be allowed.

    1. Students will not enter the building prior to 7:50 a.m. nor without being screened.
    2. Students will be screened at the door following the entry process.
    3. If they become ill at school, the student will move to a “sick chair” near the classroom door and wait to be evaluated by the nurse.
    4. Regular handwashing and use of hand sanitizer will be required.
    5. Students may wear a mask at the discretion of parents and/or students. Masks will be provided for the first five days only.
    6. Driver’s education students will wear a mask while in the car.
    7. Attendance will be reviewed to monitor absenteeism patterns. However, attendance incentives will not be available.

    1. Hand sanitizer stations will be placed at each student entrance.
    2. Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected prior to the start of school and a minimum of two times during the day.
    3. Recess areas and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected between each session.
    4. Classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected prior to the next day’s use.
    5. Any classroom that may have been contaminated or potentially exposed to COVID-19 while class is in session will be evacuated then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to continued use.
    6. Students will remain spaced in hallways and classrooms.
    7. Visitors will not be allowed.
    8. Parents will only be allowed to escort their student to class on the first morning.
    9. Parent pick-up will take place outside of the building.
    10. Classroom materials will be individually maintained and/or disinfected between uses.
    11. Room logs will be kept.

Meal Services
    1. Breakfast will be served grab-and-go style and delivered to the classrooms.
    2. Lunch will be served in the cafeteria. Students will follow the socially-spaced markings as they enter the cafeteria. Silverware will be placed on trays in advance. The meal will be served on the tray by food service staff. Various smaller items will be pre-packaged to reduce handling. Milk and napkins will be placed on the tray. Students will sit at a designated socially-distanced seat. Students will be dismissed in an orderly, distanced manner.
    3. Tables and seats will be cleaned and disinfected between grade level changes.
    4. No sharing table and no sharing of food will be allowed.

Confirmed Case Action
    1. Identify student exposure in relation to direct contact with others; communicate with those parents of the direct exposure.
    2. Address possible student/adult exclusions using best practices that may include 14-day quarantining.
    3. Communicate to classroom/building staff and families the confirmed case. Student and/or staff names and information are to remain confidential. Only confirmation of the confirmed case within a particular classroom will be provided.
    4. Identify facility contamination; perform targeted cleaning and disinfection.
    5. Consult with the health department.
    6. Monitor exposures, absenteeism, and student/staff symptoms to determine further actions.