Basketball camps set for this weekend canceled

In response to a potential COVID-19 exposure at a recent Licking Volleyball Camp in Rolla, the Rolla School District has announced that this weekend’s planned basketball camp in Rolla and St. James has been canceled.

Rolla School issued the following release:
Today, Rolla Public Schools, St. James Public Schools, and the cities of Rolla and St. James received notice that there were teams across the region involved in last weekend’s Licking Shootout volleyball tournament that had players who tested positive for COVID-19. No teams from schools within Phelps County were involved in last weekend’s volleyball tournament. In partnership with the Phelps-Maries Health Department and the organizers of the Licking Shootout, the events scheduled for this weekend are being canceled as a precautionary measure, ending the Licking Summer Camps for 2020.  
At the time we received notice from the Health Department, there were teams at Rolla Junior High, the Centre, and the St. James Middle and High School gyms already in attendance for this weekend's scheduled Licking camps. Both school districts, city administrators, and camp organizers proactively took steps to immediately cancel all events for the remainder of the day. At this time there are no known cases for any of the teams who were present today. The Phelps/Maries Health Department is working with organizers of the Licking Summer Camps to continue to monitor the situation.