Cuba schools announce plan for learning during the pandemic

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The Cuba School District has released its plan for returning to classes in August. The district will proceed under four learning levels to be used based on the current state of the pandemic in the community.

The following was released by the district on Wednesday:

CCR2 Students, Parents, Staff, & Community,
We understand that everyone is affected differently by the COVID-19 Pandemic, and that opinions vary greatly.  We must ensure that we respect everyone's individual journey and that we are compassionate & empathetic to everyone's individual views and needs.  At this time, more than ever, we must come together, love each other, and unify for the success of our staff & students.  The district will NOT engage in negativity or criticism, regardless if it is in person or through social media.  We expect our interactions to be civil and respectful, regardless if we agree or disagree.  Thank you in advance for being kind!
The following information will provide you with some basic information about our start to the school year on Aug. 24th, 2020. Details regarding re-entry (safety guidelines, protocols and procedures) and the variety of learning options will be released on Aug. 5.   

Learning Options:
As we plan for a school year likely to be continuously impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the priorities we hold are:
1.    Providing a learning environment that is safe for all students and staff, both physically and emotionally;
2.    Providing equitable, guaranteed, and viable education for all.
Therefore, the Crawford County R-2 will be accessible to all students through a choice model. Students and families may choose to engage in their education in a traditional format (in-person, regular schooling) or in an online virtual format (on-line learning plans are being finalized—details to come).  

District Daily Mode Indicators We will have four (4) levels that may be utilized throughout the year, depending on how the pandemic progresses. The models move from a least restrictive to most restrictive school environment. We are prepared to move from model to model, as needed, throughout the year.
1.    Level 1: Traditional School (Pre-Pandemic School):
2.    Level 2: Traditional learning will be taking place during normal school time. On-line learning will align with Crawford County R-2 courses and be taught simultaneously with traditional classes .
3.    Level 3: In-person learning will be taking place during normal school time. During level three certain individuals, cohort classrooms, grade levels, or buildings could be “closed” due to COVID-19 outbreaks. All closed buildings or grade levels will move to AMI learning. All on-line students will continue on-line learning.
4.    Level 4: All school buildings will be closed. All students who were in traditional classes will move to the AMI format. All on-line students will continue with their on-line classes.
AMI (Alternative Method of Instruction):  

Alternative Methods of Instruction for the Crawford County R-2 School District will be very important to us this year. AMI refers to distance learning that will be provided when triggered by a cohort/classroom, grade level, or building closure.
Distance Learning during a closure will be different than it was last spring.  There will be increased expectations in the amount of work and time required. Accountability measures will be in place for all students and staff.